Pumpkin Poke Cake

Pumpkin Poke Cake

There are two things I really want you to know about me, I am a full fledged foodie and I love food. Phew, I am glad we got that out of the way. Now, if I send a recipe your way, you can trust that I have made it myself multiple times. I have whipped up this Pumpkin Poke Cake twice now. I’ll tell you it doesn’t even need a third chance to prove how spectacular it is. I have fixed it and the 30 or so people that have tasted it were raving about it, asking who made it. Don’t worry, it will be your baking that others will soon be raving about.

Whenever I find a new recipe and it passes the preliminary tests at headquarters, I take the goodies out and try to pawn off cookies or a slice of cake just so that I can get feedback. How good is it? What is it lacking? All of this to say, I truly think you can trust my opinion on food, especially when it comes to dessert.

They say you’ll find things when you stop looking for them, things like love, but I am going to apply it to pumpkin desserts. I have been over the moon about the Pumpkin Mallow Pie for Thanksgiving and to get my pumpkin fix. I sure wasn’t looking for another pumpkin dessert to add to my repertoire, yet it fell into my lap. It was destiny or something like that.

What is Pumpkin Poke Cake?

Now, you may be familiar with Paula Deen’s Is it Really Better Than Sex? Cake, and if so this Pumpkin Cake requires a similar process. Once you have baked the cake and it has cooled completely, you will take a silicone fork or the end of a wooden spoon and pierce holes all over the cake. You then pour the simply divine caramel and sweetened condensed milk concoction over the cake allowing it to soak down into the cake.

Pumpkin Poke Cake plated and ready to be enjoyed.

Why is this Pumpkin Poke Cake the best?

This Pumpkin Poke Cake wins on multiple accounts for me. It is super simple to prepare, you can make it a day ahead, and it is made from common ingredients that I try to keep on hand at all times. If you live rural you can certainly appreciate recipes that don’t require a 40 minute drive into town to search for an ingredient you can’t pronounce. Also, when you are busy wrangling cows and kids it is nice to have a recipe that takes little brain power to make, yet your guests feel royal to partake of something so delectable.

Pumpkin Poke Cake Ingredients

Lastly, when you live rural or are on a ranch, something is always bound to come up. This is especially true if you have company coming or an event to attend. An animal needs doctored, a piece of equipment gets stuck, you have to chop ice, you just never know what you’ll come across. You see the connection, all of the things are out of your control. Yet, they will leave you feeling frazzled if you fail to plan ahead. If you need a food item prepared for entertaining or an event, then making your dish ahead is an excellent call. I am talking 12 to 24 hours ahead. I was a little concerned that the cake may be soggy after sitting that long in the heavenly concoction I previously mentioned. My worries were unfounded. This cake can last up to three days in the fridge. Those are just three reasons why I think this Pumpkin Poke Cake is the absolute best.

Pumpkin Poke Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Poke Cake Recipe Card

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