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Feeding Beef to Babies

As a new mom or caregiver your days are consumed with feeding, changing, and keeping up with house chores. Meeting the nutritional demand of your sweet new bundle of joy is no easy feat. Whether you are breast feeding or not, you are eventually tasked with planning and purchasing what will nourish your baby. Baby formula is expensive. As of lately, you are fortunate if you can find it.

Above all, our goal is to have a healthy and happy baby who has all of the nutrients necessary to grow and thrive. Jordan Johnson, who is a momma, wife, rancHer and author of Beef Based Baby saw a need. As a new mom, trying to keep up with the demand of her sweet baby, she saw her milk supply decrease. She was working and completing her nursing program. With breast milk being less of an option, Jordan knew she needed to provide the next best thing, beef. She began creating delicious and nutritious purees. After some trial and error her daughter reached about five months of age and was in love with the Beef & Blueberries puree. Jordan quickly saw how few were using beef as their baby’s first food and was inspired to publish a cookbook.

An Urban Raised RancHer

Growing up in an urban area, Jordan was not raised around cattle. Beef nutritional facts and information weren’t engrained in her. She recalls the first time her daughter’s pediatrician advised her to feed her baby fortified rice cereal and thinking, “Yuck!” Her maternal instincts kicked in and her gut lead her to beef. She knew beef was the nutritional powerhouse she needed to provide her baby. There is a lot to be said for trusting your gut, especially when it comes to your kids. Yes, there is research, studies that will prove and disprove everything you want it to. You’ve got to listen to your gut and with that purpose in mind, she implores you to do the same.

What will I find in Beef Based Baby?

Most importantly, you should know Beef Based Baby is not just a cookbook. In these pages you will find information about sourcing local ingredients and beef nutrition. These recipes are a wonderful guide to jumpstart your baby food making. I love that you can plug in different produce and cuts of beef based on what is available. Check out Amanda Radke’s review of this book.

Why beef?

Beef is a complete protein which means it has all 10 essential nutrients. The bioavailability of the nutrients in beef is incomparable to any plant source. Our bodies are able to absorb a much greater percentage of the nutrients. Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner shared an article written by Keith Ayoob, EdD, RD, FAND. He did an outstanding job of sharing 6 Reasons To Feed Beef To Your Baby. It is certainly worth the read.

When can I introduce beef to my baby?

Just like many things in parenthood, it is not one size fits all. What works for the first baby, probably doesn’t work for the second baby. You know your baby better than anyone. Jordan mentioned she introduced beef to her firstborn around five months of age. Six months of age is a common age I have heard people beginning to introduce it at. Keith Ayoob discusses, “Around 6 months of age, babies’ iron needs are increased and can no longer be met through breastfeeding alone.”

Where do I buy a copy?

If you are looking for a great “just because” gift or have a baby shower coming up, Beef Based Baby would be perfect. Thou shalt not make baby food alone. During Jordan and I’s Live on Instagram we talked about the fun opportunity moms have to batch food together. In my past experience of making freezer meals, it is much more enjoyable to do the work with someone. If each mom brought a couple of pounds of ground beef and a different produce item you could bust out a large quantity of baby food in no time.

Moms In Your Corner

Every mom needs a bunch of other young moms surrounding her. If you are in need of a friend who understands mom life, you’ve got two right here. Jordan and I would love to connect with you on Instagram. Find Jordan on Instagram at @jordanjohnsonsays to see more of the real reel. We are cheering you on through all of the seasons that motherhood brings us!

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