A grilled T-Bone Steak with pasta salad and grilled romaine

T-Bone Steaks on the Grill

After three weeks of grilling with the Girls Can Grill Too series, we are ready to step things up. Our grill is preheated to about 400 degrees and we’ve got T-Bone Steak on the menu. You’ll find all that you need to know to quickly and successfully prepare a nice steak dinner right here.

This series is sponsored by the Oregon Beef Council, which is funded by Oregon Beef Farmers and Ranchers.*

Where does the T-Bone Steak come from?

Knowing where a cut of beef comes from can help you know how to best prepare it. If you haven’t checked out the Beef It’s What’s For Dinner Site yet, definitely check it out. There is a vast amount of resources within this domain, but my favorite is about the different cuts. By searching a specific cut of beef, you are welcomed into an arsenal of resources specific to that cut. They share how to best cook that cut, where the cut is located, nutrition information, recipe suggestions, and more.

The T-Bone Steak is from the loin primal cut which is located right under the backbone of the animal. The loin is home to some of the most popular and tender cuts of beef. You may have seen or had a Porterhouse, Tenderloin, or my personal favorite, the New York Strip Steak. All of the aforementioned cuts are from the loin.

Gabriella, The Cattle-ist is holding up a t-bone steak to show its size and shape of the cut.

When should I take my steak out of the fridge to grill?

From a food safety perspective, you should not take your meat out of the fridge to come to room temperature. I recommend grabbing your beef out of the fridge once you have started your grill. You can get it seasoned up and it can hang out while you are prepping side dishes and waiting for your grill to preheat.

Speaking of side dishes, in the video you will see a new way to prepare salad. Grilling romaine is a fun twist on salad. It is quick and less clean-up than doing a tossed salad. Are you seeing a trend here? Quick, easy, little clean-up, it’s the little things in life I tell ya. Also, I didn’t mention it in the video, but you get the inside scoop for being an avid reader and follower. For an additional side I picked up some pre-made tortellini pasta salad from Costco. Instead of just scooping it on the plate, I pushed it onto skewers. It is a fun activity for littles to help with or a dinner guest who wants to help with something.

Gabriella, The Cattle-ist is placing the t-bone steaks on the hot grill.

Learn From My Mistakes

As I was enjoying visiting with you all in the video, I allowed a grease flare up to burn one of my steaks pretty good. I mean, I let my grill catch fire just to show you what can happen if you aren’t careful. Yes, I took one for the team. You are welcome. One thing I want to mention though is that even though one steak was burned, zero steak was wasted. Yes, we had to arm wrestle for who got to eat it, but it didn’t go uneaten.

Gabriella, The Cattle-ist is digging in, cutting into the t-bone steak to try a bite.

Nothing Satisfies Like Beef

Do you see that smile? I think they call that love at first sight. I mention that the T-Bone Steak has the New York Strip Steak on one side of the bone and the other side is the end of the Filet Mignon. Can you ask for any better cut of beef? I think not. T-Bone’s are large and they make an amazing presentation.

*This is a sponsored post that is part of an ongoing partnership with the Oregon Beef Council, which is funded by Oregon Beef Farmers and Ranchers. They have provided monetary compensation to make this series possible. All thoughts and opinions expressed remain my own.

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