Coats hanging over the dirty clothes hamper on the back porch.

An Insight From Evening Chores

The other night I couldn’t help but smile. You know those things that your significant other does that you just don’t love? For me, it is the layers upon layers of coats and dirty jeans laying over the laundry hamper when he comes in from evening chores. Might I add that I am NOT supposed to wash said clothing. I constantly wonder, why in the world can’t he pivot 180 degrees and hang them up on the coat hooks that we have on the wall?

From Dark to Dark

We had bought a little jag of hay to help get us through the winter that is holding on like a stage four clinger. After Creight worked a 10 hour day, fed a bunch of cows on his way home, there were 160 bales sitting in the driveway for him to unload off of a trailer by hand. The weather was less than ideal, the wind was really getting with it and the rain was blowing through the barn a bit. I fed the steers around the house while making dinner. Then, I got Mae washed up in the tub. At 8:00 o’clock we finally welcomed him and Hayes in and we were finally able to sit down for dinner. He certainly put in a day.

Hayes and Gabriella in the feed truck feeding cows together.

Taking On Evening Chores

The next afternoon I wanted to make sure he could come into the house as soon as he got home. The kids and I fed our bunch of cows. Then we fed the bulls, the steers at the barn and the steers at the house. Before heading in for good, I took out our recycles and scraps for the chickens. I brought a bucket of pellets in for the stove, and then went and collected eggs. After my third trip in the house I threw my quilted Carhartt coat, silk scarf, gloves, and bib overalls over the laundry hamper and headed into the kitchen.

Clothes Over the Hamper

Moments later, I walked back out to the back porch for something and saw my pile of dirty garments hanging there. I just couldn’t help but smile. Why didn’t I pivot 180 degrees and hang them up on the coat rack? It just wasn’t handy, that’s why. The door opens up to the hamper, not the coat rack. It just goes to show you what walking a mile in someone else’s shoes can do. 

The next time you want to get fussy about something your spouse does, walk a mile in their shoes. Do their evening chores for them. You may just find yourself doing the very thing that drives you nuts.

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