Rancher and dad holding his baby girl.

Father’s Day Gifts for a Rancher

I’d like to prefaced this post with the fact that I am not a huge fan of these “days” where we are supposed to celebrate a figure in our life. We should be doing this on the day to day and spontaneously. There is far too much guilt and shame around Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. With that, if you plan to do something a little extra special for the father figure in your life, here are a few ideas.

Acts of Service

You know the many things he has on his plate, so you are already maybe thinking of a few things you could tend to for him.

A few ideas to inspire you:

  • Irrigating
  • Feeding horses
  • Feeding the dogs
  • Organizing or cleaning the shop
  • Take his chainsaw chains in to be sharpened
  • Detailing his truck or taking his truck and trailer to a washout
  • Making his coffee just how he likes it
  • Service a piece of equipment for him
  • Make his favorite sweet treat

Receiving Gifts

If he does in fact love receiving a physical gift, this list of 10 gift ideas for a cattleman would be perfect for Father’s Day.

A couple extra suggestions:

  • It is Straw Hat Season, grab him a new American Hat Company straw. I really love buying through The Best Hat Store down in Texas. They do a great job of shaping it up how he likes!
  • If he likes his equipment nice and tidy, check out the WR Performance Products. I saw this product being used on a John Deere tractor and it made me want to get a can to try on our feed truck. You just attach the cartridge to your pressure washer and watch the magic happen.
  • Make him a custom photo book through Chatbooks. Make it a yearbook or a photo book that covers from the time you or they were born until present. Chatbooks has great customer service (from my experience), and I am very happy with the quality. Speaking of quality..
  • If he loves a well manicured lawn, does he need an upgrade on his lawn mower, weed eater, blower, etc.?
  • How is his grill holding up? Does he enjoy cooking or grilling? If so, think about buying him a different style or bigger or smaller grill. Check out Santa Maria Grills, Smokers, Propane, Blackstone Flat Grill and more.

Quality Time

Seriously, just be with him. Plan something for just you and the kids to go do with him (or you and his grandkids). He will love your undivided attention. Make sure to silence your phone. I’d say leave it in the pick-up, but I want you to snap a couple of pictures of these precious moments. Pack a lunch and head to his favorite spot at the pond, lake, mountains, or wherever it might be. Don’t forget to throw in a couple of rods.

Maybe he’d rather you just stop by for a cold drink on the porch for Father’s Day. Just shoot the breeze for a bit. Ask him to tell you a story that you’ve heard thousands of times, you’ll always be glad you asked him to. If he has any old, fixed up treasurers in the garage, pull it out, wash it up, and take it for a drive.

Words of Affirmation

Handwritten letters never go out of style. I may be a 80 year old in a 20-somethings body, but hey, I am telling you I am not wrong. I still dig out letters my great grandparents wrote. Write down some of your favorite memories to date with him, tell him about what he’s taught you, thank him for what he has or maybe hasn’t done for you.

Physical Touch

Now this one might seem awkward if you are thinking in terms of your dad or your father-in-law. If that is their love language you might consider a meaningful hug, one that you hold just a tick longer than normal. If they are a grandparent you could have the kids snuggle them extra, watch a movie or show together. You could walk down memory lane by playing some family videos, or if you make them a photo book the kids could sit with him as they look through it.

If you are thinking in terms of your husband, think simple, when he sits down at the end of the day you can rub his feet, shoulders, or whatever is tight.

Keep Father’s Day Simple, Be Intentional

Whatever your relationship with your father, father-in-law, or husband looks like right now. Whether they are Earth side or looking down from above, I hope you will find a simple way to celebrate these men in a way that speaks to their love language and honors the important role that they play.

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