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10 Christmas Gifts for a Cattleman

Practical and Picky

Whenever Christmas rolls around my husband starts talking about wanting some new gloves or socks. Cattlemen often have their clothing and gear down to a science. Depending on their age, they may still be dialing in their style or trying out some new brands. Later in life though, it can feel like you are buying the same gift year after year. Maybe you are able to mix it up with color choice or pattern, but if they are anything like my gramp you better stick to the same ol’ thing. Wear and tear can oftentimes present an opportunity as well. Perhaps they tore a hole in their favorite coat, therefore you can purchase them a new one. Giving a gift of something they’ve previously owned takes away some of that shock and awe factor though.

Cattlemen have found what works for them and they stick to that. There isn’t any shame in that, however as someone trying to find them a meaningful Christmas gift, it can create a level of undesirable pickiness. My husband and I worked together on this one, because I wanted to make sure that they were approved by a man. The following 10 items made the cut.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Custom Patch Hats – Create a custom hat by putting your family brand iron, small business logo, or the name of your ranch on a leather patch. Check out these awesome hats made down in Texas! I have some that should be arriving before Christmas.
  2. Binocular Harness – A great piece of gear to add to their collection. Whether they are glassing for elk or are looking for the few cows they are out, keeping their binoculars dry and clean is a must.
  3. Pocket knife – 9 Lazy 3 has some really neat knives. Check out the design of the One Armed Bandit. I particularly adore the Mini Bandit. These knives would be handy during all seasons on the ranch.
  4. Wild Cow Tales Book – This is one of my husband’s favorite books. We recently started taking turns reading it at night. If he enjoys hearing old stories about the good ol’ days and wild cattle, this would make a wonderful gift. Grab it in paperback or hardcover.
  5. Merino Wool – If he is a hunter, hiker, or spends a lot of time outdoors, he will love some merino wool. Kuiu is a favorite in this household. Here are the bottoms, the top, and socks that will keep him warm and dry in the coldest climates. They have different weight garments, but I have included the medium weight above. It is what my husband recommends.
  6. Pistol Lock Box – A lock box that is easily portable is a wonderful gift for the guy who packs regularly. Whether traveling or in your home, a lock box is an important tool to keeping your weapons secure. As with many things, you have to find a box that fits your life style. I really like this model. There is no key to get lost which is a total plus, in my opinion. The numbers for the combination light up for easier access in the dark versus a combination you need to turn a light on to use.
  7. Good Port – The Taylor Fladgate Reserve Historical Collection is something to write home about. If he indeed loves port, snag a bottle for him for an after dinner treat.
  8. Waterproof Notebook – Does the cattleman in your life like to write things down? If he is a pen and paper type he may appreciate these little notebooks that are waterproof in his stocking this year.
  9. Kimes Ranch Jeans – Nothing says, “I love you,” more than a pair of jeans that fit just right. Although the fabric is imported, these jeans are made in the USA.
  10. Groove Life Ring – There are many different versions of silicone wedding rings, but this is by far the best my husband has tried. This brand breathes really well. They are also backed by a 94 Year No BS Warranty if it happens to rip or you lose it.

Love Languages at Christmas

If you are looking at this list and the bottomless inbox full of holiday sale deals with despair, rest in knowing that receiving gifts is just ONE of the five love languages. Head to my Instagram where I share ideas for each of the Five Love Languages for Rural Dads. Maybe there is someone on your list that would give up all of their gifts this Christmas to just have some quality time with you. I know there are people in my life that I would give up every gift to just hear them say one positive thing about me. Someone might love a hand with a project they just need some help with. Please do not think for a second that this season is about receiving material things, it is about so much more.

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