10 Gifts for A RancHER

Christmas is literally right around the corner. This season is about something far from gifts, but gift giving is an art. Every time I go to draw something I am quickly reminded that not all of us are artistic. Gift giving can be tricky. Tricky if you don’t have the art, tricky if there is tension, tricky if money is tight. Here is a quick round-up of 10 things to inspire you as you think of a thoughtful gift to give the rancHER in your life for Christmas.

Practical & Fancy RancHER’s

One thing about a rancHER is that she is practical. Although she is practical, she does like fancy things. She loves a fresh pack of well crafted wool socks, but she will melt over a custom silver cuff. Regardless of her love language, a thoughtful Christmas gift can keep her smiling through calving season or should I say, feeding.

Another thing about a rancHER is she knows what she wants. She may drop hints, or heck, she might just go out there and buy it for herself. Determination runs through her veins. Play your cards right this Christmas and you’ll keep your gate getter hustling all year long. If the rancHER in your life is just your gal pal then that got awkward. Instead, this gift will let your BFF know that even though you don’t text her back for days, she is still your #rideordie.

10 Christmas Ideas for a RancHER

  1. Pendleton Silk Scarf – Silk Scarves are the epitome of practical and fancy. This scarf is currently on sale might I add. Go, go, go!
  2. Jewelry from Vogt Silversmiths – I can’t decide if I love this ring or this ring more. Either is a great call! All Vogt jewelry comes with the Vogt Family Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. I bet we are too late for you to get something custom before Christmas, but I can attest to the incredible custom work that they do too. Definitely plan on it for a future holiday or celebration!
  3. Barn Wood Frames – Grab a barn wood frame then print a picture of her with her favorite humans.
  4. Raisin’ Up Cowkids Sweatshirt – The Farm Girl Boutique is jam packed with adorable and unique gift items. If she isn’t a crew neck type, grab a tee, mug, notebook, or sticker for her stocking. Use code CATTLEIST for 10% off.
  5. Authentic Navajo Jewelry – Amanda Radke has the most stunning collection of Authentic Navajo Jewelry that is Made in the USA. I picked out the most valuable piece on her site without trying, so make sure you scroll the entire Accessories section to see all of the beautiful silver and turquoise. These pieces will be passed down and cherished for generations. Use code CATTLEIST10 for 10% off.
  6. Scotch Cap – If she is out in the cold a lot, she will love you forever if you buy her one of these. While you are on the Capriola site, snag her a Garcia bit too. (Insert winking face)
  7. Rawhide & Roses Custom Silver – Reach out to her on Instagram @rawhideandrosesboutique and check out the beautiful custom pieces she has created. I absolutely love my double sided brand pendant she made me.
  8. Trailblazher Magazine Subscription – Snag a subscription to the most beautifully crafted magazine. She will receive an issue each quarter over the next year for right around $60. They publish authentic rural content, featuring rancHERs and rural entrepreneurs around the U.S.A and Canada.
  9. Ag Memory Book – If she isn’t carrying on a legacy, she’s building her own. Grab a copy from Oh That’s Chelsey so that she can document the challenges and successes along the way. A place to reflect on big decisions, so future generations can learn from them. Also, you can learn about playing Hokey Pokey from Chelsey. If you don’t already play with your family you can start a fun, new tradition! Use code CATTLEIST for 10% off.
  10. Five Mary’s Family Style Cookbook – Mary and her four daughters named Mary have put together another amazing spread when they published their second cookbook. Here is the first cookbook that I’d also recommend!

Did you find just the thing for her?

I hope that after going through this list you found something perfect for that special rancHER in your life. Whether you are looking for something small for a friend or are wanting an heirloom prospect for your wife there is a plethora of ideas above to get your wheels turning. If you’d like to create something custom, start early. It is helpful for me to put a reminder in my phone to remind me about starting the custom process prior to a future important date.

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