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8 Beef Appetizers for Super Bowl

I really do love football, but when it comes to Super Bowl, I’m kind of there for the snacks. Between kids and house chores begging for my attention, sitting and watching the game is just not in the cards. I do love appetizers, finger foods, and charcuterie so much that I would eat it every night for dinner instead of a meal if I could. I am team snacks! If you are hosting a party this year or just prepping snacks for your crew, I wanted to gather up some of the recipes that have my full attention.

1. Ribeye Steak Crostini With Horseradish Sauce from Lena’s Kitchen

Lena's Kitchen makes delicious Ribeye Steak Crostini with Horseradish Sauce.

The flavorful Ribeye will steal the show faster than Taylor Swift if you pull out these crostini’s at half-time. Using a tender cut like a Ribeye is perfect for these bite size snacks so you don’t run into that awkward moment when your teeth don’t cut through the meat on your first attempt. A Ribeye won’t leave you disappointed on any front. Another perk to serving up beefy Super Bowl food is that the high protein will keep everyone full longer, curb some of that overeating, and leave you satisfied well past the fourth quarter.

You might be thinking to yourself, I don’t want to be busy grilling steaks while the game is on. Not to worry, cooking steaks a day (or two) before is even better because you can get them good and cold. It is easier to get a good slice on the meat when it is cold. The horseradish sauce will be better too made ahead where the flavors can meld in the fridge.

2. Korean BBQ Meatballs from Girl vs. Dough

The Cattle-ist recommends whipping up a batch of Korean BBQ Meatballs from Girl vs. Dough for Super Bowl.

My kids and I were chatting over lunch the other day about our favorite meals lately. They both mentioned in the conversation that they would like to have Korean Meatballs again ASAP. We love to have them with jasmine rice and the edamame. I am thinking that these will be part of our Super Bowl food spread this year because they on the top of all of our lists. You could make some cute little cups up with a scoop of rice in the bottom, a meatball, and a couple of edamame in it. You also could just whip up the meatballs with the glaze, sprinkle some green onion over the top and place tooth picks on the side for guests to grab with. Edamame is a crowd pleaser at our house. We love to toss them in our Modoc Spice.

3. Flaky Beef Stuffed Pinwheels from Beef Loving Texans

The flaky beef stuffed pinwheels from Beef Loving Texans is a delicious and simple recipe that can feed a crowd for Super Bowl.

If you are looking for a simple recipe that is semi-homemade and could feed a small army, here it is. You could grab a fully-cooked boneless beef pot roast and puff pastry from the store to whip this up in no time. There are four delicious flavors coming together here. You will be making many trips into the kitchen for “just one more.”

4. Spicy Korean Beef & Cucumber Appetizer by Beef It’s What’s For Dinner

The Cattle-ist shares Spicy Korean Beef and Cucumber appetizer by Beef It's What's For Dinner as a great Super Bowl food.

This beautiful appetizer is lovely to have as part of your Super Bowl food this year. Whether you have guests that are wanting to stick to their health goals or would like something lighter yourself, this Korean Beef and Cucumber finger food will surely please the crowd. If you’d like to make the Ribeye Steak Crostini’s above as well, you could definitely cook up these Strip Steaks at the same time. I always love when you can lazy genius things. When there is a lot of cooking to be done, ask yourself what you cook or prep ahead of time.

5. Easy Brisket Sliders by the Salty Pot

I love Brisket. Many people in the west just don’t use it as much since Tri-Tip originated nearby, in Santa Maria, California. My parents spent a lot of time in Texas when I was a kid. They traveled around the Hill County and stopped at all the good barbecue joints. When I was little my dad also had a Texas Steakhouse, so they were good at cooking Brisket. I love when Brisket shreds like this recipe. Some people like it sliced. These sliders will be a total slam dunk if you decide to add them to your Super Bowl food line-up.

6. Spicy Steak & Avocado Bruschetta from Beef Loving Texans

The Cattle-ist shares the spicy steak and avocado bruschetta from Beef Loving Texans as a great appetizer for Super Bowl.

One of my favorite new products to grab at the grocery store is this avocado verde. Have you tried it? If not, definitely snag it to add to your Super Bowl food this year. My sister-in-law and her mom make an uh-mazing guacamole salsa, but this is the closest thing I have found to it in the store. When I found this recipe I thought, I wonder how that would taste under this Top Sirloin? I think it would be simply divine. Again, you could totally grill up this Top Sirloin ahead of time if you wanted to. I am here to make Super Bowl food delicious and not complicated.

7. Loaded Bell Pepper Nachos from Delicious Little Bites

The Cattle-ist recommends the Loaded Bell Pepper Nachos from Delicious Little Bites for your Super Bowl menu.

Another fantastic choice for lighter fare. If you have family or friends that are KETO or that eating healthy is a major priority to, these nachos will check that box. Wow, don’t they look delicious? This is another place that the avocado verde salsa (mentioned above) would shine. I would use the sweet little bells that you can get that are perfect little bite size.

8. Cheeseburger Sliders by Krolls Korner

Check out these Cheeseburger Sliders that Krolls Korner whipped up. These would probably be the Super Bowl food that leads me to putting on stretchy pants. I know for a fact that they’d please every kid and man alike. You can make 12 burgers in a cinch with this simple recipe. I love that they add a delicious burger sauce too. A wonderful nod to the delicious In-N-Out Burger we know and love.

What are you going to cook up for Super Bowl?

I hope I have left you with too many delicious options that your only problem is slimming down what you will make. Beef is simple, delicious, nutritious, and oh so satisfying. A perfect game day food. When I recently was around the tailgating in Santa Clara at the NFC Championship game, you sure didn’t see much white meat on the grill. When we want a show stopping dish, we grab beef from the freezer or out of the case. I can’t wait to hear what appetizers you decide to make!

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