New York Strip Steak

For our last week of Girls Can Grill Too I present to you the Kansas City Strip Steak, New York Strip Steak, Strip Steak, or as I refer to them as, “New Yorks.” It is a steak of many names, and if none of these names are ringing a bell, check out Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. to learn more about this cut. This is my personal favorite and my go-to cut when I go out to eat.

Rosemary Brush

Adam Perry Lang is the chef who coined the herb brush. He uses a variety of herbs, but my favorite to use is just rosemary. Cut several rosemary sprigs at comparable lengths. Use kitchen twine to secure the sprigs around a wooden spoon handle. Instead of using a regular old basting brush you can mop your steaks with herbs that continuously apply the flavorful oils to your steak. It just adds a nice element to the New York Strip Steak.

Three New York Strip Steaks ready for the grill. You can see the beautiful marbling in these USDA Choice steaks. There is a rosemary brush laying in the background to use as a basting brush.

Creamed Horseradish

Bridget Wasser from Midan gave us a fantastic demonstration on Instagram Live on how to cut steaks from a Strip Loin Roast. It is one way we can save a little. We can watch for sales at different meat counters and stock up on Strip Loin Roasts or Prime Rib Roasts.

Bridget is a Meat Scientist, she knows beef. She reiterated that we don’t need to get carried away with rubs or sauces. I agree with her wholeheartedly and you’ve heard me echo that in each week’s video. Keep it simple. I will say, every now and then it is fun to throw in something different, such as a creamed horseradish. It is easy enough to whip up on a weeknight and fancy enough to put on the Christmas Dinner table. For four people, I typically use about a 1/2 a tablespoon of horseradish and a couple tablespoons of Mayonnaise. Depending on how much kick you’d like, add more horseradish or more Mayonnaise to taste.

New York Strip Steak is grilled with a piece of rosemary over the top. Plated next to it is some grilled asparagus and you can see the creamed horseradish in a serving dish behind the plate.

A Learning Process

You might not love the first steak that you cook, there may be some adjustments that you want to make. Maybe the seasoning wasn’t just right. Perhaps you cooked it too long. You may find that you like certain cuts cooked to different level of doneness. I certainly have had a few “oopses.” Heck, I had one while I was talking to you on the T-Bone episode. Bridget encouraged everyone to use a meat thermometer. I was always raised to go by feel, but my dad, who absolutely loves to barbecue finally broke down and got himself a digital thermometer. It certainly is a great tool to have, so that you can get the consistency you are wanting.

What I would like to say to you though is, grilling steak is a learning process. You have a few trials before you get the hang of it. If you are watching your grill closely, even if you over cook the beef, I have never seen it go uneaten.

If you are looking for a different cut to grill, check out the Chuck Eye Steak, or this delicious and colorful Skirt Steak Taco Board. As you are grilling, if any questions or issues come up that you are unable to troubleshoot, please reach out. I would sure love to hear from you!

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