Skirt Steak Taco Board

How do you grill Skirt Steak?

If you think you don’t have time to grill, I challenge you to give it a try. We are on week two of the Girls Can Grill Too series and this week we are featuring skirt steak. I have to say, every time I grill, I walk away thinking, “Why don’t I do this more often?” I literally dream about 20 minute meals that have very little clean-up. If you dream about this too, this meal is a must try! A skirt steak taco board, street corn salad, fresh watermelon, guacamole salsa, pico de gallo, and chips.

This series is sponsored by the Oregon Beef Council, which is funded by Oregon Beef Farmers and Ranchers.*

Street Corn Salad

This salad is one of my hands down favorite summer side dishes. It goes so well with skirt steak tacos, or any tacos really. I typically make it on the flat grill or in a fry pan. If you have a burner on the side of your bbq, bring your fry pan outside. Rarely do I have all of the ingredients that the recipe calls for, so I make a version of it with whatever I have on hand. Most of the time I just char the corn, add mayo, lime juice, cilantro, green onion, and jalapeño.

Skirt Steak Taco Board

What other ideas do you have for Skirt Steak?

Another way to shake up a skirt steak is by using marinades, different rubs, or sauces. Marinades are a little more work, a few more dirty dishes, so I rarely marinate anything. Marinades serve a purpose though, they help break down connective tissue and tenderize the meat. As I mentioned in the video, this cut is great for tacos, fajitas, beef bulgogi, or just served up with some veggies.

Here are two other ideas to inspire your future grill sessions:

What can I do with leftover Skirt Steak?

Whenever I have leftover steak, my go-to is to make quesadillas. Occasionally, I will fix a steak salad with it. Another idea is making sheet pan skirt steak nachos. There is a good chance that a cooked protein won’t live to see another dinnertime at our house though because I love to make scrambles or breakfast burritos for breakfast or I will pick away at it cold throughout the day.

If you would like to try more quick grilling cuts, you will love Chuck Eye Steaks that was the first cut we grilled up for Girls Can Grill Too.

*This is a sponsored post that is part of an ongoing partnership with the Oregon Beef Council, which is funded by Oregon Beef Farmers and Ranchers. They have provided monetary compensation to make this series possible. All thoughts and opinions expressed remain my own.

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    This looks great!! I can’t wait to try it.

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