Gabriella is eating a Chuck Eye Steak that she grilled up.

Chuck Eye Steaks

We are starting off the six week series, Girls Can Grill Too with Chuck Eye Steaks. After visiting with a couple of close friends, a fellow rancher and Nate, our favorite local butcher, they both mentioned that chuck eye steaks are their favorite. This steak is unfamiliar to many. In this episode of Girls Can Grill Too I share where this steak comes from on the beef animal, which explains why it is so good.

Easy Clean-Up

I know ground beef gets a good wrap for its versatility, but I think a Chuck Eye Steak should be commended for its simplicity. After grilling up these steaks, I was amazed at how quick I had dinner ready to serve. Also, I was in awe of how simple clean-up was. A platter for the meat, tongs, plates and silverware, and a mixing bowl for the side dish. There is nothing that makes a working momma more happy.

This series is sponsored by the Oregon Beef Council, which is funded by Oregon Beef Farmers and Ranchers.*

Nutrient Dense

Chuck Eye Steaks are a perfect portion size, so I would figure one steak per adult. If you have littles, depending on the age, you may be able to feed two mouths with one steak. This cut is outstanding for grilling. It is also a nutrient dense package. According to Beef It’s What’s For Dinner, a 3oz. portion provides 23g of protein, 8.9mg of Zinc (80% DV), totaling only 180 calories.

An Economical Steak

While I was grilling these steaks up my dad mentioned that he was a little bummed that I decided to feature this cut because now there won’t be any for him to buy. There is typically only two Chuck Eye Steaks per beef animal. When I purchased these steaks from my favorite local beef distributor, Cherry Street Meats, I paid $6.99/lb. just for reference.

Enjoy the Experience

Gabriella trying the chuck eye steak she just grilled with baby golden potatoes and string beans.

After grilling up a chuck eye steak I want to hear what you think! Was there any part of grilling that was challenging? Did you love getting to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air or maybe getting to visit with friends and/or family?

If you fell in love with the experience, I have some other cuts for you to try. Try grilling some Skirt Steak or grab a T-Bone Steak to show off your skills.

*This is a sponsored post that is part of an ongoing partnership with the Oregon Beef Council, which is funded by Oregon Beef Farmers and Ranchers. They have provided monetary compensation to make this series possible. All thoughts and opinions expressed remain my own.

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